Dante Ferretti to be honored at 2010 Venice Film Festival

Celebrated Italian production designer Dante Ferretti will be honored next month at the 67th Venice Film Festival, with the premiere of Dante Ferretti: Production Designer, a documentary directed by Gianfranco Giagni and produced by Cinecittá Studios with the Marche Film Commission. Additionally, Ferretti and his wife and frequent collaborator, set decorator Francesca Lo Schiavo will be presented with the prestigious Prix White, voted on by the Film Journalists’ Union.....

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Cinecittà Veterans Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci Return to Rome

Two feature films, each loaded with international star power are set to begin shooting at Italy’s renowned Cinecittà Studios. Manuale d’Amore 3 (Love Manual 3) is the latest in director Giovanni Versonesi‘s highly successful Italian film series. Like its predecessors, Manuale d’Amore 3, is comprised of four loosely related love stories, including one featuring American megastar Robert De Niro...

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Rome re-lives The Dolce Vita in a photo exhibit

ROME — Two hundred photographs and magazine covers on show at an exhibit opening on Wednesday depict the golden age of Italian cinema in the 1950s and 1960s, as the country reveled in its Dolce Vita age. Trajan's Market, a large complex of ruins overlooking the Roman forum in the city centre, hosts on its walls pictures of Italian icons like film-maker Federico Fellini, sitting at the dinner table with actor Anthony Quinn and his wife Giulietta Masina, or foreign stars like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on a runway at


Italian Tax Incentives, a Boon To Foreign Producers

Cinecittà Studios has recently lauded the success of the Italian Government’s film producers tax incentive program. Recent films such as “The American” starring George Clooney; “Letters to Juliet” featuring Amanda Seyfried; and “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie are amongst those that have saved up to 7.5 million Euros by participating in the program. All these films have used Cinecittà’s production facilities.


Bollywood - Italian Style "Elaignan" Shooting at Cinecittà

From Ben Hur to Gangs of New York, Cinecittá Studios’ fine craftsmen, masterful sets, and talented crews have cultivated a long history of international production. Currently, acclaimed Mumbai director, Suresh Krishnan, is transforming Rome’s 73-year-old studio into the Bay of Bengal circa 1939 for his latest feature Elaignan. Elaignan tells the dramatic tale of Kathir, the son of an indentured servant to a wealthy industrialist.