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Federico Fellini established Cinecittà as his city, and Stage 5 his home. Nowadays amongst the biggest Sound Stages in Europe, 31.000 square feet, has hosted more than 2.500 people in convention, and can reach more than 3.000 in gala dinners.

Its features help to build majors constructions for spectacular events.

An inside pool measuring 4.300 square feet can help creating major special effects from the bottom.


Indesit Event
Indesit Event




Italian Government just increased the tax credits for bigger-budget pictures, which will benefit many Hollywood movies as well as indies and domestic productions. The attraction of International productions and co-productions, in particular, should at this point receive a boost from the changes. The Government confirmed relief available at 25% of qualifying production expenditure, for international feature films, going from a cap of 5 mill € per project to a cap at 10 mill€ per company. “The measure taken by the

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